• 高通量核酸提取:一流的磁珠分離技術提供的最高純度和產出
  • 定量和文庫質量控制:高靈敏度分析物的自動化電泳分離。昂貴的下游處理之前的快速、全譜雜質評估
  • 自動化液體處理工作站:直觀的化學獨立方法實現一致的“離開”式文庫制備
  • 數據可視化:易于使用的界面提供互動性篩選和可視化來增強大型研究的數據分析

Automated High Yield and Purity Nucleic Acid Extraction
Automated High Yield and Purity Nucleic Acid Extraction

Automated High Yield and Purity Nucleic Acid Extraction


Optimized, bead-based extraction technology enables isolation of nucleic acids with both high purity and yield, regardless of volume range. The proprietary chemagic? extraction technology provides efficient, gentle and uniform resuspension of the bead pellet. Isolate up to 50 μg DNA/mL blood, up to 96 samples/hour - for sample volumes from 10 μL-10 mL.

Quantitation and Library Quality Control

Our innovative microfluidics technology delivers unparalleled electrophoresis separation for high-sensitivity DNA/RNA analysis, DNA smear analysis, and RNA and gDNA integrity analysis. Our systems also provide fast, full-spectrum assessment of sample impurities – up to 96 samples in less than five minutes -- before expensive downstream processing.

Automated NGS Sample Prep Workstations and Methods

Our next-generation sequencing library preparation workstations eliminate the processing bottlenecks presented by today’s sequencing technologies. Choose from three workstations based on your sample preparation workflow and throughput requirements.

Data Visualization

Our genome analysis solutions suite leverages a proprietary, easy-to-use interface for interactive filtering and visualization to enhance data analysis from large genomic studies.
產品與服務 (7)

1-7 的 7 產品與服務

  • LabChip GX GXII Touch Product

    LabChip GX Touch Nucleic Acid Analyzer

    PerkinElmer的創新微流體技術可實現高重現性、高分辨率的電泳分離。無論是為了獲得更好的基因表達數據而進行的RNA完整性分析,還是重測序應用中評估PCR片段,LabChip GX Touch HT都能加速您的研究并幫助您更快地生成更有意義的數據。

    JANUS G3 NGS Express工作站

    JANUS G3 NGS Express?工作站:適合臺式測序儀的文庫制備。NGS Express可進行多達24個文庫的制備,并支持Life Technologies的Ion Torrent PGM?測序儀以及來自Illumina的MiSeq測序儀的應用。
  • Zephyr G3 NGS Workstation

    Zephyr NGS Workstation

    The Zephyr? G3 NGS Workstation is a benchtop liquid handler designed to automate preparation of libraries for next generation sequencing and address clinical requirements for the physical separation of pre-and post-PCR processes. The simplified user-interface and integrated hardware maximized laboratory productivity while reducing variability resulting from manual pipetting steps.
  • 16065 PE DropletQuant

    DropletQuant, UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

    The DropletQuant complements PerkinElmer's existing LabChip microfluidics instrument portfolio, which provide electrophoretic separation and analysis of nucleic acids, proteins and glycan profiling.

    Key Applications:

    • DNA, RNA and protein microvolume quantitation
    • Impurity analysis; removal of buffer and contaminants from calculations of biomolecules of interest using cDrop? software
    • Purity calculations
    • Measurement of dye labeling efficiency of microarray samples
    • Color measurements (Bradford Assay)
    • General UV/VIS measurements
  • TIBCO Spotfire

    TIBCO Spotfire在研究中的運用

    Quickly uncover insights into your R&D data with easy to use and easy to build TIBCO Spotfire? dashboards. Whether you are a part of Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, CRO, Food & Beverage, Agriculture or Energy Industry, TIBCO Spotfire can empower your team or your entire organization to easily mine scientific and business data and gain insights, in real-time. With TIBCO Spotfire, you can Import data from disparate sources, visualize and gain insights in minutes!

    TIBCO Spotfire – Data Visualization that gives you answers.

  • PerkinElmer Signals ? for Translational- from bench-to-bedside, Data Analytics for precision medicine.

    PerkinElmer Signals? for Translational

    PerkinElmer Signals? Translational, brings together all translational data into a single platform – a complete precision medicine solution, from data acquisition to biomarker validation.

    Integrate and analyze data across multiple clinical trials, genomic data to identify specific, actionable biomarkers for higher success in Clinical Trials. Create repeatable data analyses for Bench to Bedside Precision Medicine initiatives.

    PerkinElmer Signals Translational - A Cloud-based Translational Research Solution. Precision Medicine Starts Here.

  • Screenshot_OO.png


    OmicsOffice helps scientists to import, analyze and validate data generated from genomics studies offering workflows and tools for qPCR, microarray RNA-Seq, and ChIP-Seq experiments.
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